Afif Abu-Hanna On Death

Afif Abu-Hanna! Afif is a first year medical student and a wonderful mix of American-Israeli, Arab, and Christian. We talk about the future of health care, week-long traditional Arab weddings and funerals, and the art of teaching.

I hope you enjoy!

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Afif is…
currently a medical student,
Melkite Catholic,
and an Abu-Hanna.

Before Afif dies, he wants…
to have a family,
to have kids of his own,
to be a great father,
to become a great physician,
to help as many people as he can,
to have a beautiful home that his kids can live in,
and to continue to see the world.

When Afif dies, he wants…
to be a little older,
to have a career as a physician,
and to have a traditional Arab funeral.

After Afif dies, he wants…
to leave enough for his family to prosper,
to inspire,
and to leave a legacy.

In conclusion, Afif says…

I think that people should embrace challenges. It is a tough world out there and so many people will tell you no. I cannot tell you how many times people have laughed at my ideas and told me, ‘that is ridiculous’, or stupid, or impossible or even immoral! Unethical somehow!

People will take out their insecurities on you and when someone calls you ugly or stupid, they are taking out their own insecurities, their own fears, out on you. They’re not calling you stupid, they are worried about being called stupid, they worried about feeling bad.

And I would just take a breath and try to consider where those people come from. Every time someone is a jerk to me or awful to me, I think about their life. If someone is being a really bad person to you, there’s no way that person was raised in a perfect family, grew up with a perfect childhood had a perfect life, because they wouldn’t be that person

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