2019 Season Retrospective

For this 2019 Retrospective, I reflect upon the season as a whole: the key themes being parenthood and old friends. Then, I review the highlights of each interview which comprised this season. Finally, I look ahead to the return of the podcast in March 2020!

Mackenzi Kim On Death Once Again – 20190412

Mackenzi is a 27yo mother, 4th year medical student, and future family medicine physician. In the intervening three years since her initial interview (the first ever On Death episode!), she dove headfirst into a relationship, married her partner, and birthed a wonderful son.

During this emotionally vulnerable conversation, we discuss her lessons from the deaths of family members, what she has learned from a few months of motherhood, and how she imagines a wonderful reunion with loved ones after death.

Eugene Kim On Death Once Again – 20190425

Eugene is a 29yo student, recorder, and gamer. In the nearly three years since his original interview, Eugene has been physically much closer to life and death.

During this conversation, we talk about everything from: being indoor humans and how one day we might be more apelike to the game of Go/Baduk. The importance of connectedness and community shine throughout our conversation with an optimistic look forwards toward his future as a psychiatrist, father, and human.

Chloe Costigan On Death – 20190509

Chloe is a 31yo physical therapist, teacher, and half-orphan. I met Chloe while interviewing her husband, John Giacalone, and quickly realized she’d be a wonderful guest. During this conversation, we discuss what makes a good clinician, why she considered herself a flight risk, and how she has been shaped by the death of her father at an early age.

Adam Arazi On Death – 20190523

Adam is a 30yo traveler, dog-father, and son. I have known Adam for almost a decade and we have both changed dramatically over this time. Shockingly, his father died unexpectedly 10days after recording this interview. During this conversation, we discuss his existential confusion, why he may expatriate to the Philippines, and why he intentionally does not think about sudden death.

Suzie Marschhausen On Death – 20190607

Suzie is a 28yo mother, writer, and coach. I attended high school with Suzie and have been watching her personal and spiritual journey from afar. During this conversation, we discuss her recent Ayahuasca ceremony, the difficulty of releasing attachment as a new parent, and how the pain of abandonment takes on a new meaning for her.

Nicho Watts On Death – 20190621

Nicho is a 30yo father, Christian, and trader. I grew up with Nicho as a childhood friend and we have been loosely following each other since high school graduation.

During this conversation, we discuss his return to Christianity, the importance of stories and archetypes for a developing mind, and why he wants his death to feel like taking off a watch.

Dayana Pereira On Death – 20190706

Dayana is a 43yo Feldenkrais practitioner, co-parent, and transplant from Uruguay. I met Dayana, without actually introducing myself, while we alternated between the sauna and ice bath at her healing and wellness center, Koru Real Wellness.

During this conversation, we discuss the tension between her strict religious school upbringing and the Uruguayan wilderness, the difference between reverence and spirituality, and how working as a living statue in Australia taught her the importance of breath.

Nate Baker On Death – 20190719

Nate is a 33yo emergency medicine resident physician, father of three, and Purple Heart recipient for wounds received in combat. I have known Nate since the very first days of medical school: he is a passionate and logical fellow who loves to challenge the status quo.

During this conversation, we discuss the value of song to change our mental state, his experience as a wounded infantryman, and what heaven means for a problem-solver.

Pamela Wible On Death – 20190802

Pamela is a 51yo family medicine physician, emotional bungee jumper, and expert on physician suicide. I met Pamela as a keynote speaker on the topic of why doctors are killing themselves. We caught up and decided to record an interview for the podcast! 

During this conversation, we discuss her fondest childhood memories in a morgue with her father, how a pediatrician’s funeral service woke her up to the epidemic of physician suicide, and why she released her book on Juneteenth with endless optimism for a day that can change everything.

Scott H On Death Once Again – 20190817

Scott is a 30yo follower of Christ, family medicine resident, and realist. In the two years since our first conversation, he has experienced a truly wild ride to earn the title of physician.

During this interview, we discuss the lows associated with failing two board exams, how identifying with his faith kept him above water, and why he never considered himself a suicide risk when he wasn’t sure he would graduate medical school.

Camille Culbreath On Death – 20190914

Camille is a 27yo unexpected mama and comedian. Camille jumped on my radar this past Mother’s Day with a post about her son, Arthur, and the story of his birth via cryptic pregnancy.

During this conversation, we discuss how she thought she was dying when she was actually very pregnant, how her brother’s unexpected death separated her family, and how this unanticipated bundle of joy reunified her family.

Michael Douglas On Death – 20191010

Michael is a 53yo primitive skills teacher, community mentor, and educator. I met him at his Maine Primitive Skills School and have been following his work ever since. We do not discuss the decade-old charge against him: please listen to the intro for further details. During this conversation, we discuss the importance of shared story, how community reverses entropy, and why the sacred question should guide us all.

Michael Vasconez On Death – 20191107

Michael is a 31yo lifestyle coach, USMC combat veteran, and philosopher. I enjoy flotation therapy regularly at Michael’s home, and find a kindred spirit in him. During this conversation, we discuss why he pressed people’s buttons as an adolescent, how his brother’s suicide drove him into the Marine Corps, and how the plant medicine ayahausca forced him to confront his years of infidelity and begin a new chapter with his spouse.

Caitlin Gray On Death – 20191205

Caitlin is a 31yo mother, teacher, and historian. I went to high school with her and she popped up on my radar this past Mother’s Day due to a heartfelt post on social media. During this conversation, we discuss the loss of her daughter in utero this past April, her evolving spirituality from Catholicism to mediumship and shamanic meditative practices, and the surprise of discovering a new half-brother.

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