Lucy Horton On Death – 20170904

Lucy Horton! Lucy is a 72yo hippy, an activist, and an entrepreneur. I met Lucy through an attending physician, Dr. Dehoff, and I am glad to bring her perspective to the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss her cross country ramblings as a young hippy, her 15yrs on a commune in Vermont with 18 other people, joining an Episcopal Church because she wanted to attend school on Sundays, and serving as a volunteer escort for women’s health clinics.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Lucy is…
an old hippy,
a singer,
and a cook.

Before Lucy dies, she wants…
recreational marijuana to be legalized everywhere.

When Lucy dies, she wants…
to donate her body to science.

After Lucy dies, she wants…
to leave a legacy endowment,
and to have a fun memorial service.

In conclusion, Lucy says…

“Don’t be like me!

But do gain as many basic physical skills as you can. Things you can do with your hands. Things you can make.”

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2 thoughts on “Lucy Horton On Death – 20170904

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      The Wonder of You is the result of the research of 2500 near-death experiences. It would be my pleasure to be one of the guests on your show. Please feel free to contact me and make arrangements for when that would fit for you. Much of what I teach is directly connected to Consciousness and manifestation of a more fulfilling life.

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    -The only goal of it seems to be to infuse you with positivity regarding your purpose in life and life in general. – I loved the ending as the main point of the book was that people should realize how wonderful they are. I loved that because so many of us don’t know our This book felt like a sweet, warm, comforting hug. It brought a deeper understanding and a new perspective on matters I have read about before while offering some new information as well. 
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