On necessary brevity (or the beginning of Consult Liaison Psych)

Spent the weekend in Boston for a good friend’s wedding. Bachelor party was this past March, and it was wonderful to close the loop on this experience. A great time, however I am totally spent and done and so tired, just need six hours of naps. Quick REPS check-in and back to the hospital grind.

Relationally, things are good. Spent the weekend with good friends, both new and old. Returned to Mackenzi and the baby and mother-in-law with a tired head but a full heart.

EmotionallyI did a lot of receding into my shell over the weekend, the constant struggle of a desperate introvert at a wedding. I did, however, do some good catching up with folks and feel like I recharged my tank enough to not be completed destroyed. I took care of myself, despite staying out until 3a on Saturday.

Physically, I feel a wonderful blend of terrible and great. I loved the opportunity to tear up the dance floor. My body rebels at the late nights over the weekend. I have been getting some good movement in, but the 6hr car ride there and back put a kink in my neck. Pros and cons.

Spirituallystill not feeling up to par. There was an itch I couldn’t scratch over the weekend, having my good friends together but not really catching up on a deeper level. However, the weekend was not for that deep and intentional connection. The weekend was for celebration regarding the marriage of two wonderful people.

  • Relational – 4/5
  • Emotional – 3/5
  • Physical – 3/5
  • Spiritual –2/5
  • Total – 12/20
  • 3wk running total – 32/60

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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