Nate Baker On Death

Nate Baker! Nate is a 33yo emergency medicine resident physician, father of three, and Purple Heart recipient for wounds received in combat. I have known Nate since the very first days of medical school: he is a passionate and logical fellow who loves to challenge the status quo.

During this conversation, we discuss the value of song to change our mental state, his experience as a wounded infantryman, and what heaven means for a problem-solver.

Nate is…
a problem-solver.

Before Nate dies, he wants…
to help people understand what it means to be happy.

When Nate dies, he wants…
to be happy.

After Nate dies, he wants…
to have a purpose or nothing

In conclusion, Nate says…

“If I struck a chord or you’re more interested, the book that I’m writing, I’m going to make it free. Available as an ebook. And it’s going to be called ‘How Christians Are Failing Christ’. So keep that in mind.”

You can reach Nate directly at his email address: nathaniel.j.baker2 (at) gmail (dot) com

On Death Podcast

Long Form Sundays

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