On small gatherings and anniversaries (or Orientation: a post-mortem)

Full disclosure, I don’t feel like writing right now. However, I will vomit all over this keyboard for the next twenty minutes to fulfill my obligation to this project.

This past week of orientation has been more program specific. Last week, we incoming intern residents were hit with powerpoints and risk management lectures. This week, we started off on Monday with some of that. However, from Tuesday afternoon through Friday afternoon, we were in psych land.

Lots of tours. A few facilities I’ve heard about, but have never seen in person, and a few programs I’ve never known. We, the incoming class of psych residents, got quite good at repeating our origin stories: grew up in NH, went to school in Tampa, etc etc.

The Psychiatry Department is excited for us to begin. To exemplify this, the Chair of the Department had about fifty people over his home on Wednesday night. A house full of APCs, MDs, DOs, admin staff, and us residents. Ostensibly, the whole evening was a chance for the department to get eyeballs on us and for us to make small talk with as many folks as possible.

And on Thursday, for Psych Grand Rounds, the Program Director formally introduced us to the department with accompanying photos + bios and discussed the residency curriculum. In short, everyone knows who we are. No more hiding as the medical student in the corner.

Friday night, we attended a glitzy and glamorous graduation night for the PGY-3 family medicine residents. Mackenzi didn’t know them very well, but we got to hangout with some of her co-residents at the event. The party’s theme: Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties.

As this evening also marked the Summer Solstice, we also celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Some folks expressed condolences that we had to come to the event for our annual wedding celebration, but we retorted that this was a fine excuse for a fancy date night. Otherwise, we’d probably order out Thai food and watch a movie at home!

And finally, yesterday/Saturday, we had a few co-residents over to enjoy the summer weather. I set up slacklines throughout the yard and even finagled a kiddie pool from the Program Director to utilize for ice baths. Overall, the afternoon was incredibly fun and relaxing. I got to enjoy the movement associated with music festivals, but without the grimy camping or long drives.

I hope to have a few more weekends like this. Shooting arrows, ice bath immersions, slacklines, and grill-cooked ribs. What more could I ask for?

Tomorrow, I begin on the inpatient psych floors: back where it all began. A relatively relaxed start to a wild and wacky year. But for now, I will make sure this lawn gets mowed and that this house is ready for the coming week, while spending good quality time with Mackenzi and this baby.

Twenty minutes are up!

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