Nicho Watts On Death

Nicho Watts! Nicho is a 30yo father, Christian, and trader. I grew up with Nicho as a childhood friend and we have been loosely following each other since high school graduation.

During this conversation, we discuss his return to Christianity, the importance of stories and archetypes for a developing mind, and why he wants his death to feel like taking off a watch.

Nicho is…
a trader,
a Christian,
a father,
and a husband

Before Nicho dies, he wants…
to see his grandkids be successful,
and to have great grandkids.

When Nicho dies, he wants…
to feel like there is nothing left to do,
to feel like things are good to continue,
to feel like he is taking off his watch,
and one last laugh.

After Nicho dies, he wants…
life to go on.

In conclusion, Nicho says…

“Reach out to your neighbors, especially the ones you disagree with, and find a way to agree to disagree. But also, find a way to listen to each other and at least understand why it is that you disagree in the first place. That’s how we make a better world.”

On Death Podcast

Long Form Sundays

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