On a first week (or the beginning of Orientation)

This first week of orientation serves as a microcosm of things to come.

Monday was a standard first day of HR processing, photo-taking, and powerpoints. We sat together, all the incoming residents and fellows, in the auditorium and enjoyed awkward and constant smalltalk. I met a few EM residents and a neuro transitional year.

Comparing my parent-story with theirs provided a great deal of perspective. For instance, there’s a resident with a 6mo girl. This would mean we each had our children around the same time, on the back-end of fourth year.

However, instead of enjoying grandparents to care for the little one, they endured the nanny-search on top of moving to the Lehigh Valley. They told me how much of a nightmare both screening for and finally hiring a good nanny truly is.

Not even mentioning the costs of paying that nanny! One resident told me that they are expecting to pay about $2-2.5k per month. That’s more than our rent! And I know that their salary is the same as mine, so budgeting this expense creates quite a financial challenge.

In short, I am so glad to have my mother caring for my baby while I return to the hospital. Both because I know she loves him and because I don’t need to pay her. Except in love and appreciation, of course!

Tuesday, I enjoyed a day off! Other residency programs began their program-specific on-boarding, except for the inaugural psych class. So, I enjoyed a day off while Mackenzi grumbled threateningly at me.

Wednesday through Friday consisted of Epic (our Electronic Medical Record system) training. Since I’ve been utilizing this version of the EMR for the past two years, I languished in the back row while trying to stay awake. I learned one or two new things, but for the rest of the time I enjoyed the view of the Lehigh Valley from the sixth floor of the office building.

On Thursday, we took a trip to the Allentown Fairgrounds for browsing of shops and eating of foods. We being Mackenzi and I with our respective co-residents from family med and psych, respectively. We stopped at Little Miss Korea, my favorite Korean fusion place in the area.

On Saturday, we all strapped in for a 2hr car ride from Allentown to the Big City of Brooklyn. Visiting my sister and brother-in-law for an outdoor bbq with his side of the family.

However, right when we had gotten everybody in the packed car ready to go and I’m backing out of the driveway, I hear, “Oh no!” from the back seat.

I look in the rear-view mirror and see a very concerned Mackenzi looking at Joonsu, in the rear-facing seat next to her. I finished backing up and turn around to see a stream of white liquid flow from Joonsu’s mouth. After two good vomits, he finishes and then begins to fuss.

At least he didn’t vomit 1hr into the 2hr trip, much like the graduation blowout. So we reparked the car in the driveway and cleaned up before heading eastward once again. The trip to Brooklyn reminded me that city driving is terrible and that I love my sister and brother-in-law.

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