On a move book-ended by birthdays

Forgive me for my brevity, but I only have one more week of pure vacation before residency orientation begins next Monday. Which means that I would much rather spend my Sunday morning enjoying my extended paternal leave instead of writing.

My birthday last weekend and Mackenzi’s birthday this weekend. In between that time, we finished the move out of the Tumblebrook home and we are wrapping up the move into the Rosewood home.

On Wednesday, we finished the month-long process of moving out of our student home in Coopersburg. The final 20% of a move, or any process, always takes longer than anticipated. We got our stuff out quickly.

Cleaning the surfaces, filling in holes in the walls, sifting through the basement, this all took far more energy than we had to give at the end of the move. I believe it was on Tuesday that Mackenzi looked over to me and said, “I think we are done after today.” And I had honestly been waiting for that permission to call it quits.

I closed the door on our Tumblebrook. Walls which need repainting, a carpet that needs shampooing, and some stained siding which needs scrubbing. I could have, in theory, done all of this. However, with an incredibly active and demanding 6mo baby and a nervous pooch we get less done than we plan. One of us is on baby duty and the other sprints to get as much done as possible before we tag out.

As I closed those doors, a wave of emotion and memories. That was where I met Frank for the first time. That was where I processed a deer by myself for the first time. That was where Mackenzi and I exchanged vows and swore to each other. That was where we burned Frank’s body. That was where we played in the snow when we found out about Joonsu.

So much has changed since we moved into that home. We entered as three medical students with one cat. Mackenzi and I left with a dog and a baby. Andre left with the cat. We left the other cat behind, where he belongs, on that land.

Over the past two days, we have entered a wonderful and new stage of the move-in. The rooms are coming together with furniture arrangements and decorations. I see our little touches everywhere and an evolution of our design philosophy expanded on this broader canvas.

My brother visited for a stop-over three nights ago, between Maine and Virginia. My father visited last night for a stop-over between New Hampshire and Florida. While not quite a house-warming party, it is nice to host even if the guests just pass out and leave in the morning.

We only have one week left.

We will finish the final 5% of the move in during this time. Already, I’m imagining our future here, the next four years of growth and change. And I am excited.

One more week, then the rest of our lives.

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