On the move (or the beginning of Graduation)

This past week has been a flurry of activity. This will be mostly stream of consciousness and jump around quite a bit.

Once my parents left last Friday, Mackenzi and I have been packing up a storm in Coopersburg. Moving with a baby and a pooch is far more challenging than moving as just a couple. The twice daily walks with Honey plus the need to carefully monitor the now-crawling babe limits our ability to dive headfirst into the moving process.

However, we’ve fallen into a rhythm: I do the heavy lifting and Mackenzi watches Joonsu while packing up boxes for me. I love moving boxes from place to place, even at the end of the day when my body is sore and my mind is blank. Joonsu’s crawling slows Mackenzi’s packing, but we’ve made good progress over the past week.

Back when I nested for Joonsu’s arrival, I completed a lot of preliminary packing which has greatly expedited the process. It is nice to have my past efforts pay dividends now.

Our goal has been to move enough stuff over to the new house such that when we return from our week-long trip to Florida, we can begin spending nights there immediately. And I think we have met that goal. The Coopersburg house is mostly empty, barely feeling like our home anymore. The Orefield house is still receiving a fresh coat of paint, however the garage is full of our boxes and covered furniture.

Leaving for the airport on Friday was rushed and hectic; wrapping up a few final things here and there before leaving the home that has sheltered us for the past two years. We’ve grown so much in this home. From a wacky couple with a fun third wheel, to first responders for a gunshot victim, to an old man cat’s death, to an old lady pooch joining our ranks, and finally to the gestation and birth of a child.

I find it difficult to give places their due respect. Does cleaning and leaving it better than you found it suffice to give thanks? Sitting in quiet meditation on all the occurrences in that place? Burning some incense while walking through all of the rooms?

I’m not sure. Maybe all of them? Maybe none. I just know that when we return to PA, I’m going to spend quite a bit of time in that Coopersburg home to make sure it is reinvigorated and ready for the next humans to inhabit it.

Joonsu’s first flight went well, far better than we had expected. No mid-air messy blow-out poops. He slept for take-off and most of the first half. He awoke during the second half and he was the star of the flight while I walked him up and down the aisle. One fellow passenger even took a photo of him while we strolled, finding him so cute. Joonsu got a little angry on the way down, but very manageable and consolable.

Landed in Orlando, followed by a 2hr drive to Jacksonville. My father drove us, and Joonsu fell asleep on the second half, after a very fussy first half. Arriving at my parent’s home, Mackenzi and I fell into a vacation rhythm: early mornings with the baby, afternoons of movement, and evenings of trying to put the baby down. And lot of hot sun in between.

It has been weird to spend the past few days without much stuff to do. No move to complete, no boxes to unpack. We have a few required online trainings for residency, but they are very minor and for the most part I am treating this week in Florida as a vacation. Later today, we will drive from Jacksonville to Tampa, a 4hr journey which will be Joonsu’s longest drive. I anticipate many breaks and hopefully a nap in there for him.

Once we arrive in Tampa we have a weird week of mandatory meetings and ACLS trainings and graduation practice before we walk in front of our families to receive our MDs. Joonsu will meet his maternal grandfather this week. My family will gather for graduation day.

So much to look forward to, and so much to do. Such a wild time of transition. I am enjoying the ride. Just over a month left before residency ‘begins’. But before that countdown starts, I need to wrap up medical school!

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