Eugene Kim On Death Once Again

Eugene Kim Once Again! Eugene is a 29yo student, recorder, and gamer. In the nearly three years since his original interview, Eugene has been physically much closer to life and death.

During this conversation, we talk about everything from: being indoor humans and how one day we might be more apelike to the game of Go/Baduk. The importance of connectedness and community shine throughout our conversation with an optimistic look forwards toward his future as a psychiatrist, father, and human.

Eugene is…
a student,
a recorder,
and a gamer.

Before Eugene dies, he wants…
still wants to be a grandfather,
to see all his children reach sexual maturity – ideally longer,
to feel like he has done enough weird shit with his MD to feel like it was worth it,
and a period of a year with Mackenzi, going back to a couple.

When Eugene dies, he wants…
to be enjoying it,
to have fun dying,
and to have expressed love recently to many people.

After Eugene dies, he wants…
to move through the temporal dimension freely,
humans to no longer be the dominant life form on this planet,
humans to get off the ground,
and Mackenzi to have a whole lot of fun.

In conclusion, Eugene says…

“Practice something. Practice all the time. You don’t need to practice the same thing all the time. Just keep practicing and pursuing mastery and getting better, as a gamer would be getting better: trying to speed run through a level of a difficult video game.

Just have fun practicing.

Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into complacency by a plateau. Understand that a plateau is just your lack of perspective.

Just keep practicing. Keep trying to get better at stuff. Because once you stop trying to get better, things are over. You’re dead.

So just keep trying to get better!”

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