On the end of an era (or Interview Season: a post-mortem)

I have known that this day was coming.

Tomorrow, I need to wake up, poop the dog, grab some firewood, change a diaper, kiss my partner, and then head out to the hospital for morning rounds. I will likely be home after lunch, but this month will stimulate growth and challenge me to remain present with both patients and my family.

So much growth during this ‘interview season‘ with just one interview.
This sole interview allowed me to remain present and at home during this time off rotations. We are banking on matching here at LVHN: our rank order list is quite short. I only needed one interview to get into medical school, so it feels right that I would need only one interview to place into a residency.

I have been blessed with three wonderful months of paternity leave, a full season of the year. So many moving parts had to align for this 90day paternity leave. I know that I am incredibly lucky and fortunate.

I have gone from nesting to panicking during labor to panicking with a newborn to eliciting baby smiles. Joonsu has almost doubled in weight, gone from newborn jaundice to a little fellow with a sprouting personality. I feel that he is beginning to recognize me.

Last night, a few friends came over to watch Joonsu and Honey while Mackenzi and I went out for some massage, floating, and pho. A cute date night to cap off my paternity leave. And for Mackenzi’s start of stay-at-home mom-ness.

I am deeply confident in her ability to manage both Joonsu and Honey while I am at the hospital. I do know that there will be days when I return later than expected and she will be at her wit’s end. I will want to crash into my hammock to unwind after standing rounds and emotionally draining conversations with patients. However, I will need to turn on Appa strength to tag out my partner and participate in the home.

I look forward to returning to the hospital. I miss touching patients and listening to stories. I miss learning clinical medicine. I will enjoy the reminder of why I am on this journey in the first place.

Short hours away from the family allow me the best of both worlds: to have a morning in the hospital and an afternoon with my partner, son, and pooch. Or at least, that is what I have heard about the time commitments for this upcoming Medicine rotation.

I could write more. I feel that I should write more. But I want to enjoy this final relaxed lazy day of paternity leave with my family.

Goodbye reader, I hope that you have a lovely day.

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