Ayden LeRoux On Death [REPOST]

Ayden LeRoux! Ayden is a 29yo artist, writer, and BRCA1+ human. I’ve known Ayden since my grade school days where we won a swing dancing competition together and we haven’t spoken for almost half a decade, this interview served a chance to catch up and see where life has taken us. During this conversation, we discuss the intertwining of science and magic to predict her future health, Land Art installations as spirituality, and how a partner changes our plans for death.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Ayden is…
a writer,
an artist,
an assistant director of a company that studies one person’s experiences,
a lover,
a reader,
in love,
and happy.

Before Ayden dies, she wants…
to write another book, at least,
more humans to encounter their own humanity,
to continue to travel,
to show some of her artwork in galleries,
to have a home,
and people to think differently.

When Ayden dies, she wants…
to feel at peace,
and it to be a moment of acceptance.

After Ayden dies, she wants…
all her loved ones to be healthy and happy.

In conclusion, Ayden says…

“I hope [your listeners] can be curious about the world around them.”

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