On short reflections

I don’t want to write very much this week. I feel very acutely that I only have one week, seven days, or one hundred and sixty eight hours left of my paternity leave.

I didn’t write before today, posting day, and I don’t feel obligated to write a long-winded post over the course of several hours this morning. I want to walk with my dog, son, and lady.

I know that this is an excuse for myself. In the grand scheme, I should be juggling more now so that I increase my tolerance and capacity for stress. What will happen during Joon’s first cold and I’m on nights and Mackenzi is rotating through 16hr days? Will everything fall by the wayside?

We are looking for houses, both to rent and for sale. We are quite sure that we will remain in the Lehigh Valley for residency, so the search for the next nest has begun. The process is exhausting. Flexing different muscles and determining our desires for a home.

On top of that, I’ve reluctantly committed to waking up at 6a for this coming week. Easy enough as Joon and Mackenzi awaken for a feed usually at that time. The hard part is ignoring the siren call of our bed.

So this morning, I decided to practice that stress capacity and try some Qigong, a standing Chinese practice for moving energy within and through the body. It was great. Maybe I’ll continue this practice, or maybe it’ll just help me start my days on this final week of paternity leave.

One more week. Life won’t end, just change. There’s a lot of change a’coming. Better get accustomed to this feeling.

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