On 2018 (as told through weekly reflections)

For the past two years, I’ve paused at the end of each calendar year to reflect on the previous 52 entries. Categorizing them allows a rough idea of my focuses and relative attention. Listed in descending order of thematic frequency.


This catch-all category is for posts that are primarily reflective and retrospective in nature. I find myself writing in this style, reviewing the events of the past week or two, when I am uninspired for a specific topic and a lot of life has happened. I’m glad that I took this much time to stop and reflect on life over this wacky year.


Clinical Learning

The posts in this category usually follow a story format. I’m relaying a message directly from the clinic, a patient’s narrative where I am a bystander. Other times, I’m reflecting on specific communities of providers that work differently than I’ve seen elsewhere.



A beefy block: the new identifier as a parent and father. I tried to segregate my posts into the trimester reviews, but once Joonsu arrived, he seems to be my main writing subject. Makes sense, this is the biggest adjustment since moving in with Mackenzi.


Self-Care and Well-Being

These writings focus on my mental and physical health. During this year, the lack of it becomes the lens through which I write. Some lows and changes in priorities, which will effect how I care for myself in the years to come.


Professional Identity

The reflections consider how my future practice is shaped through current experiences in the clinic. I write about the draw of the OR, the rewards of returning to the psych floor, and how a bit of responsibility feels right.


Step Two

A beefy board exam. Not quite as stressful as Step One, without a move but with a pregnant partner. Also, the lack of a neighborhood shooting made the decompression afterwards much more relaxing.


Physician-Patient Relationship

These reflections particularly focus on the unique relationship dynamic of physician (in-training) and patient. Sometimes, how patients affect me with their words and actions. Other times, how biased our perceptions towards patients.



Initially I felt like this was a low number of reflections for the subject of relationships, which encompasses family, friends, Mackenzi, Honey. But then I recalled the category of Parenthood, which envelops Mackenzi and Joonsu in a family blanket.


Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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