On pseudo-paternity leave (or the beginning of Interview Season)

This week of pseudo-paternity leave has treated me well. I’ve nested. I’ve relaxed. And I’m preparing.

Nesting is fun. I am looking at every corner of this house and thinking of ways to use it differently. What haven’t I used in months? I can box that stuff up and throw it in the attic for safekeeping. This frees up valuable living space now and makes the later move for residency easier.

Take our living room for example. I am trying to find the minimal amount of furniture necessary which give us the surfaces we need for daily activities, while being flexible enough to allow for a yoga sesh, then some dinner, and a movie in sequence in the same space. I’ve boxed up a good portion of our bookshelf in order to utilize the shelf space. I’ve also reorganized the attic to better accommodate the growing piles of boxes.

It feels like I have moved into this house twice. The first time last summer, straight from Florida and into the madness of third year. The second time this fall, shuffling all of our belongings around as we anxiously prepare for Baby’s arrival.

I’ve taken a few days for myself, since the end of my hospital rotation obligations last Friday. Knowing that I won’t need to present to an attending or interview a patient until February is liberating. I get to relax into Eugene, once again. I haven’t spent much time with him over the past year, since I moved up from Tampa in the midst of my Step One grind.

Yes, there are many tasks that need doing right now, but at the same time I need to relax into fatherhood and all of the growing pains associated with this new role. Quiet contemplation, enjoying walks with my pooch, floating, and massage are just some of the ways I’ve soaked up this paternity leave. And, it’s just the first week. I don’t know how much more time I’ll have in this vacation/nesting mode, but I fully intend to make the most of it.

Looking up at the sky, I see the approach of Baby in the moon. His Estimated Due Date is 11/23/18, the day after Thanksgiving and on a full moon. This coming Wednesday is the New Moon, which will mark the beginning of Baby’s moon.

For the two weeks before and the two weeks after his EDD, we are in his moon and he can arrive whenever he so chooses. I hope that he decides next week or later. This way his mother and my partner can rest a bit and enjoy some maternity leave before the sleepless nights and the squalling babe time begins. But of course, that decision is not up to me.

Life is good.

Life can be good.

Sometimes I have to work for the goodness. Sometimes I have to relax into the goodness.

Now is a time of relaxation, before the work begins.

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