On a good week (or the beginning of Child/Adolescent Psych)

This week has been good to me. The Child Psych rotation has started well and I feel like I am in my element: able to gather a good history, build a decent assessment, and develop a rapport with the treating physicians and nurses. Being released before lunch time is a perk, on top of the clinical ego-boost.

Mackenzi has been on the ICU rotation maybe a few hundred feet away from me, but in a completely different world. She wakes up at 350a to arrive for 5a sign out, and stays until the 5p sign out. She gets home, we snuggle for a bit, talk about our days, eat some food, and then begin to wind down because her bedtime is about 8p these days. Even with that, she has accumulated a significant sleep debt and the weekends will be how she pays off that interest.

So I’ve been missing my pregnant partner. Honey accepts my snuggles and kisses because she loves love, but she is a poor substitute for Mackenzi. To make up for this drastic change in our quality time, we went on a lovely date yesterday.

Couples massage at 2p, we both really needed the body love. I’ve been running around the house cleaning and choring so that Mackenzi can come home and unwind. Although sometimes she washes the dishes before I wake up.

After massage, we wandered over to a local pub for some greasy food, this place serving Irish classics. We ate fries, or chips, loaded with all manner of cheese, garlic butter, jalapenos, onion jam, and mustard. A nice pot of rooibos tea on the side. An unusual combo but they paired surprisingly well.

From the quick appetizer, we headed over to the movie theater to watch Crazy Rich Asians, a romantic comedy starring all sorts of asian actors and actresses. I didn’t realize how much the representation of my kind of people on screen would affect me. I imagine this is what black audiences felt when they watched Black Panther. It felt good. Seeing the handsome fellows and lovely ladies, with various personalities and styles. In another movie, you might only get the asian flamboyant fashion friend, but not the yellow combat veteran CEO. Anyway, we both liked the movie.

From the theater, we bounced over to a well-recommended Indian restaurant. We ordered all sorts of tasty meats in sauces with naans of different preparations. The lassi was divine with a rich texture and body. We ate our fill and will be bringing friends next time.

On our way home from the date night, we stopped over at Giant to grab our pooch some more doggy food and antihistamine. A cute reminder of the parent-space we will both be occupying very soon. Yes, we can have a date night to ourselves with lots of food. But, at the end of the night we still need to take care of the bundles of love for which we are responsible. I can wear a tuxedo to a gala, but I better be ready to change some diapers when I get home.

Like I said, this week has been good to me.

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