On quick reflections (or Inpatient Psych: a post-mortem)

I had initially planned to write a long reflection about my final clinical encounter on the adult inpatient psych floor. It was a draining encounter with a patient that resonates strongly with me. But with some distance and perspective, I feel like I can leave that experience behind me, and I don’t need a therapeutic writing session to get it out of my head.

I spent the weekend with family in the Poconos. It felt more like camping in an AirBnB than actually taking a rental home. My parents packed up an entire Korean kitchen so that we could enjoy all of the flavors of home. Mackenzi and I brought the bounty of our home garden with us. My sister and her partner brought home-canned tomato sauce. It was my brother’s birthday on Friday, and my father’s birthday on Sunday. A good weekend with family.

I liked my time on the adult floor. I felt like I could definitely do this for a residency, and I was even beginning to feel at home there. Maybe matching at LVHN for the inaugural psych residency class wouldn’t be so bad. I have a good relationship with most of the nursing staff, psychiatrists, and case workers. It would be an easy transition.

Looking forward to the next month, on the child and adolescent unit one floor below the adult unit, I’m a bit unsure what to expect. I know the child unit is smaller, with only thirteen beds. I know the preceptor with whom I’ll work. The patient population will be different, so will their pathologies, their traumas, and their stories. I wonder how much I’ll take home with me.

Mackenzi has ICU next month, so if my time on the child psych unit will be relaxed, then all the better. I will need the extra energy to maintain the house and keep our spirits high. Our third human, Andre, has left the east coast for a few months out west. Now the house is just Honey, Mackenzi, and I. And baby.

Some more cleaning to do, some residency application writing to complete, and last bits of relaxation before a new week to start a new month.

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