On the love of friends and family

My heart is full from love: friends, my side of the family, and my in-law side of the family.

Last Sunday, a friend took us away from home to take maternity photos. Mackenzi and I dressed up in human clothing and posed around town in grassy fields, on playground equipment, and leaning on trees. The classics.


Then, she brought us to her apartment to give us kale from another classmate’s garden. When we walked in, confetti and shouts greeted us.

A surprise baby shower awaited us.

So many loving friends had prepared the event, each contributing in their own way. Getting us out of the house, decorating the apartment with balloons, building a delicious TV-ready cake, constructing a cake out of diapers, organizing the whole event, and the list goes on. An overwhelming show of love and support from these humans that have survived over three years of medical school with us.

Now, we are prepared for the first few months of baby’s life. We really don’t need anything until we move for residency. I’m writing next to the pile of stuff love that they gave us, and there’s so much to be thankful for, with this Thanksgiving baby.

On my side of the family, an effort to obtain a new vehicle for our growing family has been accomplished. With our cars aging and almost at half a million miles between the two sedans, it is only a matter of time until one of them breaks down and we need an equally reliable replacement. Friends and family have donated money to the fund so that we have a white 2016 Kia Soul with manual transmission and under 40k miles under its belt.

We are so proud and thankful that Mackenzi and I didn’t need to contribute anything. My father took the time to get the vehicle inspected and handled the negotiation. I will see my family over Labor Day and we will drive our chariot home for the first time.

We joke that this car is like baby, a white Korean.

On my in-law side, Mackenzi’s sister visited a few weeks back and now her mother is here with us for the weekend. The first time they have seen each other in person since Christmas, so there is a lot to catch up on: Honey, baby, and the wackiness of residency applications. I love hearing the stories about Mackenzi as a baby who didn’t like to poop, or her mother’s struggles trying to breastfeed the second child. Everything has a different perspective now that we are going to experience these stories ourselves.

We are surrounded by love. So many people excited to become uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and grandmothers. We are excited to become mother and father. The countdown coincides with the changing of the seasons. The last few nights have been chilly enough to bring out the cold-weather blanket. We have wood to stack for the frosts ahead.

Winter is coming, and so is baby.

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