On the taper (or 1 day to Step Two)

This past week, the almost-end-of-the-grind, has been challenging. I am rounding off my rough edges and filling in the not-very-fun gaps in my knowledge. Lots of flashcards and questions. Trying to stay mentally fresh with frequent short breaks and lots of silliness with Mackenzi.

The weather has been warm, dry and sunny for much of this week. I want to spend all day in my hammock listening to the birds. A bit of a tease because next week after the exam will have many thunderstorms. We try to enjoy the weather now as best we can.

I love this morning routine that Mackenzi and I have cultivated over this dedicated study period.

wake up,
snuggle dog,
bio needs,
prep coffee,
walk dog,
follow-along to 20min of youtube yoga,
and then begin the day.

A warm and relaxed springboard for whatever tasks lay ahead. We will follow this structure tomorrow. I hope we will retain this morning routine as we barrel ahead into fourth year proper and the arrival of baby. Baby will change much, I know.

The full-length practice exam this Monday went well. Instead of dropping from fatigue on the second half like last week, I increased my score on the second half. A good sign that my test-taking ability is up to snuff and my knowledge is where it should be. Just need to continue filling in the cracks and make sure I don’t lose too much as I cram everything I can.

I feel like I know enough. Just need to refresh the edges and be relaxed enough to recall the information. It would be easy to complete 4 question blocks today, bowing to the anxiety and feeling like I am accomplishing something worthwhile.

Tapering before a race is hard. The body is trained and itching to exert itself. Like a racehorse waiting for the gates to drop, I should be primed for action, not exhausted from recent training.

At most today, I will complete a half set talking through the questions with Mackenzi. At the least, I’ll complete my daily deck of flashcards, enjoy some floating, and alternate between a study book and a leisure book.

I just need to stay focused and perform to my ability. I don’t need to pull a miracle Hail Mary.

I simply need to avoid tripping.

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