On doubt and interruptions (or 8 days to Step Two)

Practice test on Monday went well. Felt the fatigue as the sixth and seventh hours continued and this reflected in the scores. Test-taking will be as important as test-knowledge.

Had some study interruptions this week with meetings, appointments, and deadlines. Brought the focus back to the study grind on Friday. Felt like I warmed the engine back up on Saturday.

Another full length practice exam tomorrow will help me objectively determine my preparedness. A long and draining day. Then back to the grind on Tuesday through the weekend.

Earlier today, I experienced some of the exam panic. Do I know enough? Have I prepared enough? Will I score high enough? As I settled into the grind, the worries fell away.

I need to focus on this question block in front of me, 40 questions over 60min and the rest of the world falls away as I consider a differential or further management of an imaginary patient. I scroll through flashcards to address my weaknesses and trust that I am doing what I need to do.

I think it is enough.

I feel that I am enough.

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