[REPOST] Anna Shon On Death

Anna Shon! Anna is a 57yo mother of two, a devoted Catholic, and a good friend. In this conversation, we talk about the death of her parents and how this influenced her own vision for end of life, her aversion to burials, and her optimism for the future.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Anna is…
a mother of two,
a wife,
a good friend,
and a good worker.

Before Anna dies, she wants…
her children to have a good family,
to be a grandmother,
and to help people that need help.

When Anna dies, she wants…
to die in sleep,
and to clean.

After Anna dies, she wants…
to be part of the earth.

In conclusion, Anna says…

“If you’re still young, if you have a lot of openings in the future, study. Study hard as much as you can and achieve your goal. Do not procrastinate.
Always be diligent. Do your job till its done. Be honest. Give a lot of love and you’ll get love back.”

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On Death Podcast

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