On shifting priorities

I will take a season-long hiatus from releasing interviews. On Death is a project that is near and dear to my heart. The every-other-week release schedule of new episodes demands a small but sizeable portion of my attention.

Who will I sit down with next?
When will we interview?
Once interviewed, when will I process the conversation into the shownotes?
When will I record the introduction?
When will Scott process the audio, with his own busy schedule?
When will I post it?
Now that this episode is posted, who will I interview next?

The constant rollercoaster was acceptable during second year. It was tolerable for most of this year. Going into the more time-intensive rotations of Women’s Health/Pediatrics and Surgery afterwards, I find this project a burden. I have lost the zest for interviews and need to focus on myself.

Following the example of the Rewild Yourself podcast, I plan to break from releasing episodes for at least one season: breaking during the winter and resuming releases in the spring. I will continue to interview folks during this quiet period, but will not force myself to release them until I return from my scheduled dormancy. This way, I can look forward to conversations once again, rather than feel weighed down by them.

The reflections are my main priority, with the podcast being a lovely side project. The effort to sustain the every-other-week interviews has sapped my energies to write. Recently, I’ve been writing Sunday mornings to get something out, rather than reflecting a bit over the entire week and editing a bit on Sundays. I want to enjoy the practice of writing, once again. I want to read. That means refocusing. Weighing my priorities.

The winter is a season of burning the old and setting the groundwork for the new. While I write, the weather has dropped to the teens. With the wind, we are below zero. The cold burns off the previous cycle, clearing space for the new in the spring. I plan to follow this example.

Emotionally, going into winter break, I’ve felt stretched thin. A desire to leave Allentown behind and not look back. Now that I’m back, I don’t look forward to waking up early tomorrow. I don’t want to do short call this week. I will manage, though.
Spiritually, Mackenzi and I had a lovely return to Allentown. Yesterday, we spent the day with rejuvenating practices. I feel back.
Physically, stiff but reduced. I think. Moved yesterday. Felt so good. Lungs are tight, still battling a virus.
Relationally, the visit with Mackenzi’s folks have strengthened bonds. We left on a good note. Since returning to PA, we’ve been in a bit of shell. A necessary one. Will begin to socialize this week. 

Emotional – 4/5
Spiritual – 5/5
Physical – 3/5
Relational – 4/5

Total – 16/20
3wk running total – 42/60

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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