On delayed reflection

I had planned to write a long post about the past week. Inpatient pediatrics has kicked my butt more than I had expected. Especially with that weird start to the week.

Perhaps I’ll circle back next week to write about the 13yo girl admitted for disordered eating, who is missing Christmas with her family. And maybe I’ll write about the splash of cold water from the medical director, who reminded me how far I’ve come from the involved med student from just five months ago.

For now, I’ll just enjoy this week of vacation with my family.

Emotionally, I am feeling loved. Tired from the past week, and I had a meeting that set a weird tone to start winter break. Spiritually, the change from PA to FL has left me a bit out of sorts, but I am really enjoying this time with Mackenzi and my family. Physically, I feel stiff, again. I want to move more. Relationally, I connected with Randall briefly and have spent some good time with family. Saw Anna at church earlier today and it was lovely to say hello.

Emotional – 3/5
Spiritual – 3/5
Physical – 3/5
Relational – 4/5

Total – 13/20
3wk running total – 41/60

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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