Yehia Mishriki On Death

Yehia Mishriki! Yehia is a 63yo physician, Christian, and father. I met Dr. Mishriki during my Internal Medicine rotations and I have been quietly dogging him ever since to sit down for a conversation. And it has been worth the wait.

We discussed how his life changed over four hours: becoming a widower 28yrs ago during the birth of his second daughter. We explore his Christian faith and how his belief in perfect love helped him through the challenges of his life. And we even cover Star Trek, Near Death Experiences, and a quantum physics explanation for the existence of God.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Yehia is…
a father,
a widower,
and a doctor.

Before Yehia dies, he wants…
to spend more time with his wife, children, and grandchildren,
to read all of the books on his shelf,
to start going back to church,
to finish his stamp collection,
and to become a member of the American Osler Society.

When Yehia dies, he wants…
to see his wife.

After Yehia dies, he wants…
to be back with God,
and to see Matthew 25:31-46 be the Golden Rule for everyone.

In conclusion, Yehia says…

“I would recommend that you look up John Donne, the mystic poet, and read his piece that begins, “No man is an island.”

Read that, and take it to heart.

Your fellow human beings are a part of you. We are all connected, we really are all connected.”

On Death Podcast

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