On a mish-mash of reflections (or almost halfway done with third year)

Honestly, I don’t have much to reflect upon this week. There were some interesting cases on the inpatient psychiatry service, but they aren’t ones that will stick with me. Cool stories, for sure. Just not the type of stories that I need to get out of my head.

Two days of inpatient neurology separate me from the Shelf exam, the end of neuro/psych rotation, and a four day weekend over Thanksgiving. Last week felt a struggle to endure. An assessment on Thursday, two presentations to knock out before Friday, as well as an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to attend and reflect upon before the end of the rotation.

Sure, I could and should have done some of these assignments weeks ago. I didn’t and now I’m responsibly managing the consequences. At least, I created one presentation on my future practice, psychedelic medicine. It was fun to both create and present.

I’ve been grinding away on questions to prepare for the exam on Wednesday. On Thursday, my brother will be coming up from Virginia to attend a lovely dinner with my partner and I, and some friends. I have my eye on roasting some big cuts from the doe that I collected a few weeks ago. She will serve as the thanksgiving sacrament.

I look forward to seeing my brother. Also, we’re planning a family conference call to catch up. It’ll be lovely to see how my sister and her new spouse are enjoying their honeymoon. How my parents are doing in Florida. And I’m sure that they will be glad to hear Mackenzi and I made it through the halfway point of third year.

Last night, we held a small Wim Hof and Chill session. Two dogs, three humans, and lots of snacks arrived around 7p and we enjoyed some idle talk before heading upstairs to stretch and breathe. Never had such active company during the session: the little pooches could not contain their excitement for a new place with many smells to sniff. Our cat fled from the canines and fought back against any curiosity with her claws. So, I let her hide in our room while the dogs had the run of the place. One of these pooches, Leo, will be staying with us over Thanksgiving as his human will be leaving the area.

Food afterwards was delicious, as usual. My partner made tteokbokki and curry for us to feast upon. A good time with friends. A reminder of how lovely this felt: a regular gathering during the dark times of Step Prep. And how we should make this time now, here, for the same.

Lots of studying this weekend and the next few days. Then, I will relax a bit and enjoy the winter weather here. How are we almost done with November? How am I almost halfway through my clinical clerkships? Time flies in such an odd way. Anyway, I should edit this all together into a semi-coherent post, study some questions, and enjoy this calm before the end.

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