On giving thanks, once again

I am thankful for the fire that keeps this home warm. The oak and ash logs that burn throughout the night. I love keeping the fire. Last week, I went three or four days without touching a lighter. I love the challenge of fire.

I am thankful for the cold air that awakens me in the morning. I love grabbing firewood from the pile in the morning. The air is brisk and just as good as the cup of coffee.

I am thankful for the fresh, clean spring water delivered to my tap. I know this is a luxury that I take for granted and will miss dearly when I leave. Water that is not only potable, but delicious, is a treat.

I am thankful for the cool earth under my feet. I wish I could walk without shoes more often, because I notice how tender and soft my feet have become. I relish every opportunity to stand on the shrinking grass and give the earth my body’s warmth.

I am thankful for the health of my family. I saw them this weekend, to celebrate the wedding of my sister and her fellow. Dancing with my father, brother, sister, and mother was a true pleasure and unexpected joy.

I am thankful for my partner. She is my morning sun, now that the morning sun arises so much later. I stir when she gets up. I hear her grind the coffee beans and I begin to stretch and wiggle in the comfort of our warm bed. I kiss her when she dresses for a long day of clinic. I get up and ready for my day when she leaves the house. She is my rock, upon which I steady myself when life is tumultuous.

I am thankful that her brother is alive. A car accident on his way to work Tuesday morning left him hurt, but alive. Her family is reeling and supporting him as the process of healing takes its winding course. She hurts and aches to be with him, with them, but thousands of miles, several time zones, and so many responsibilities keeps them apart.

Finally, I am thankful for this cat who bothers me while I write. Since Frank’s death, Gadsden has become queen of the house and expanded her territory accordingly. She nuzzles and demands snuggles, much like my partner after a long day of clinic. I have grown to appreciate her cat-ness and her sometimes cold personality.

I am thankful.

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