On family reunions (or the transition to fall)

We left Saturday morning: myself, my partner, and my parents.

They stayed the previous night with us in Coopersburg. Yesterday, the Autumnal Equinox, marked the end of summer and start of fall. The day and night equaling out, with the darkness arriving a bit earlier every night and leaving a touch later in the morning.

Now, I’m writing this post on my phone in the back of an uber, between short passes at flashcards. My father is in the passenger seat, my soon-to-be brother-in-law and his father sits in front of me.

We are in NYC heading to Manhattan proper for authentic pizza. Then, we’ll wander over to a cigar and whiskey bar. My partner is at the concurrent bridal shower, with my mother, my sister, and many New Yorkers. I’m pretty sure that we are having more fun.

My sister and her soon-to-be spouse live in Brooklyn. And I’ve seen plenty of weird city stuff along the way. In Manhattan, I saw a trio of twenty-somethings pilfer a resting bikeshare, and someone shout to them to, “Go back to Brooklyn!” A pejorative that went mostly over my head.

Cities are fun to visit, but I don’t like people enough to be surrounded by this many of them. The green stuff to human ratio is inverted to my preference. Plus, I like my open spaces.

Lastly, I’m hitting a good groove in this rotation. Neuro is not my interest but I’m learning what I need to learn and preparing appropriately for the shelf exam in nine weeks. Psych is going well and I am quite sure that I’ll be able to complete a four-year residency in the subject.

Now, I just need to keep studying and enjoy this transition to fall.

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