On relaxing, reflection, and reunion

I spent the past 48hrs traveling to, relaxing in, and returning from Conway, NH.

I flew into Portland , a small airport. From there, I drove a rental car 90min to the bachelor party in the White Mountains. Upon landing late Friday evening, I found all the four-door sedans gone and my only remaining option between an excessively practical Honda minivan or a tasteful blue Ford Mustang with convertible roof. I chose the latter. Thoroughly enjoyed the winding and rolling terrain while ascending west.

Spent Saturday with old friends. Caught up with their stories and where they’re going. The wedding will be in October on Cape Cod. The weather in Conway felt cool and demanded sweatpants and extra layers at night. A small reminder of the weather to come.

I’m writing while on a plane to Philadelphia. Upon landing, my partner will whisk me from the airport to our Coopersburg home. I’ll spend the remaining daylight hours playing with some new toys and catching up with my housemates. Then, the final countdown for this rotation, Internal Medicine. Only one more week. More precisely, only four more days of inpatient rounds and one Shelf exam.

Time to buckle down and focus on the last three steps.

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