On the calm before the storm

I’m writing this short post with friends below me, watching Dredd 3D and applying the final touches on our communal kimchi-making festival.

Earlier, I shoveled out great pieces of charcoal from the smoldering remains of our fire from last night. Burned my toe a bit, a reminder to not always do everything barefoot.

Later, I will plant some blueberry bushes in our backyard; they’ve already begun to fruit and they need a permanent home, not just the plastic pot they’ve been sitting in for weeks now.

The past week was the very necessary on-ramp to my Adult Medicine outpatient rotation next week. I’m not sure what the coming days will bring, but I’m glad that I got my socializing in over the past few days, so I can climb into a deep cave during the week without any FOMO.

Now, some Brooklyn Nine-Nine before bed.

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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