Andre Lee On Death

Andre Lee! Andre is a 27yo third year medical student, martial artist, and musician. I met him early on in my Tampa adventures and I am glad to live with him as we transition to Pennsylvania. During this conversation, we discuss the importance of independence, holding up his uncle, how mosh pits respect musicians, and how every party needs a healer.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Andre is…
a jack of all trades,
someone that never wants to be alone,
and a hardcore ABC.

Before Andre dies, he wants…
to have an active lifestyle,
to create something,
to find his passion,
to be a positive force,
and to have a lasting impact on an organization.

When Andre dies, he wants…
a huge party for his death,
and to die after his parents.

After Andre dies, he wants…
his death to not be a big deal,
his work to continue,
and no afterlife.

In conclusion, Andre says…

“One thing I’m really grateful for, that I’ve done in my life, is jumping into things, commiting to them, just doing it, and seeing something through.

Like the first time I jumped on a skateboard: you know you’re probably going to eat shit, but do you want to skate? I’m glad for all those moments in my life. It’s gonna hurt, but do you want to do this or not? Yes or no.

If the answer’s yes, then you should do it.”

On Death Podcast

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