Alana Karma On Death

Alana Karma! Alana is a 21yo artist, student, and performer. I met Alana through the Sacred Floats and Gems nebulous (which brought previous guests Kenny Henderson and Jared Roa to the podcast). Her canvases include skin, both inked and painted, fire, and aerial silks. In this heady conversation, we discuss her Mohawk heritage, Wiccan upbringing, and the sacred fire.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Alana is…
living as a hyperdimensional being of consciousness on an earthly reality,
and an ever-evolving student.

Before Alana dies, she wants…
to have a significant impact on the way that our society unfolds.

When Alana dies, she wants…
to leave the world knowing that we’re moving to an ascension phase.

After Alana dies, she wants…
our society to be able to heal itself.

In conclusion, Alana says…

“Thank you everybody for taking the time to listen to this. I hope that some of these concepts have influenced you, opened you up, or made you more receptive to what the universe is capable of.

We live in an infinite reality of infinite galaxies, infinite universes, infinite energy to create. Source is nothing more than the capacity to create anything, and you are part of source, which means that you are capable of creating. Whether or not that is a job that you want, or a dream you want to follow, or something that you would like to manifest. It is all within your range of capacity.

And blessings on your journey doing so.”

On Death Podcast

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