Pooja Jayaprakash On Death

Pooja Jayaprakash! Pooja is 23yo second year medical student and Indian woman with a liberal arts background. I met Pooja during the first week of med school and I have known that she would make an outstanding guest on the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss growing up Indian in Utah, imagining her mixed-race children, resisting the draw of medicine, and the death of her 109yo grandfather with his complicated legacy.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Pooja is…
an Indian lady living in Tampa with her husband,
and a second year medical school.

Before Pooja dies, she wants…
to be on good terms with the people she loves.

When Pooja dies, she wants…
to be cremated.

After Pooja dies, she wants…
to be remembered fondly, if at all.

In conclusion, Pooja says…

“I would talk to James and say: I love you.”

On Death Podcast

Long Form Sundays

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