Meg Scott On Death

Meg Scott! Meg is a 23yo well-rounded second-year medical student, a follower of Christ, and a runner. I’m honored to call this deeply intelligent human my friend and I look forward to keeping tabs on her future career in surgery. In this conversation, we explore her relationship with Christ, how karate and horseback riding can teach you how to teach, and what the death of her close friend’s father taught her about death.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Meg is…
a follower of Christ,
a well-rounded medical student,
and driven.

Before Meg dies, she wants…
her life to glorify God and make him known,
to be a mom,
and to be a good doctor.

When Meg dies, she wants…
to have an impact on people’s lives so that she is remembered for Christ,
and to have peace.

After Meg dies, she wants…
there to be a celebration,
and her children to follow her example.

In conclusion, Meg says…

“Thank you for listening. My biggest prayer for all of you is that you would get to have this peace that I have, that surpasses all understanding, that guards my heart and mind, in Jesus Christ. And you can find that through Jesus Christ and accepting him as your savior”

On Death Podcast

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