Brian Bernal On Death

Brian Bernal! Brian is a 24yo first-generation Ecuadorian, a second year DPT student at USF, and cousin to many. I met Brian while slacklining last year and he has been a close friend for adventures ever since. During this conversation, we discuss leaving a legacy, his bouts with pneumothorax, and the joys of wandering.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Brian is…
a forever student,
a wanderer,
and spontaneous.

Before Brian dies, he wants…
to leave a legacy behind,
to do research,
and to return to his culture.

When Brian dies, he wants…
to be a tree,
to be surrounded by loved ones,
and to play music.

After Brian dies, he wants…
to be remembered.

In conclusion Brian says…

“Keep wandering. Something good will come along… Definitely still have FOMO. Keep having FOMO, because that’s what gets you up and makes you do things you didn’t.”

On Death Podcast

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