On 2016 (as told through weekly reflections)

Looking back on a solar cycle through weekly reflections is an incredibly satisfying practice. With hindsight on my side, I can easily identify the ecstatic highs and emotional lows, as well as how they both seemed to last forever. Categorizing the posts into distinct groups (love, medical school, physical practices, travel logs, and misc musings), I can quantify the emotions over the past year.

Miscellaneous Musings (19/52)

In this section, you’ll read my scattered thoughts on everything from nature to podcasts and the haircuts in between.

Comparing the MS1 versus MS2 posts, I notice a definite trend away from long, sprawling idea-driven posts and towards concise, specific reflections. You can even see this in the titles and subtitles.

0103 – On 2015 (as told through facebook posts)
0117On depression and horses (or nature as a nutrient and the problem with hammers)
0124On setting goals and the practice of goal-setting
0131On ‘hell yes’ or ‘no’ (or the guilt of declining plans and dealing with the inevitable FOMO)
0207On positive and negative alarms (or a meditation on hourglasses and tattoos)
0214On Death (or: Life, as told through four prompts)
0221On learning through Rorschach tests (or a meditation on walking sticks and tapestries)
0308On horses and equine-assisted self exploration
0320On grit, Netflix, and The Punisher (or a meditation on rearranged and delayed gratification)
0417On being alone versus being lonely (or coming to grips with the absence of invitations)
0911On cut hair (or a meditation on identity)
0925On a writer that doesn’t read
1009On fall break
1023On a letter to future self
1030On placeholder entries
1120On giving thanks
1127On Thanksgiving break
1204On the end of a long month
1225On Christmas (or winter break in Jacksonville)

Medical School (15/52)

In this section, you’ll read my Course Block post-mortems, musings on a medical education, and reports from clinical shadowing.

I notice that my posts shift towards a clinical and introspective focus during second year. The academic grind and increased expectations demanded significant adaptations. I’m anticipating another such round of challenge and growth when third year begins.

0228On writer’s block (or Course Three: a post-mortem)
0327On being a zebra, not a cheetah (or failing most of medical school)
0410On teaching a panda Kung Fu (or the dilemma of a medical education)
0501On the last three steps (or maintaining discipline as MS1 ends)
0508On the transition from spring to summer (or Course Four: a post-mortem)
0515On quiet endings (or First Year: a post-mortem)
0731On catching up again and again (or the calm before the MS2 storm)
0807On pushing the boundaries and crossing the line (or a slice of humble pie as second year begins)
0828On the grind (or wishing that I were better)
0904On the learning curve
0918On acquiring difficult skills
1002On decompressing and readjusting (or Course Five: a post-mortem)
1016On a cold baby
1113On old man tears
1219On a well-deserved break (or Course Six: a post-mortem)

Travel Logs (10/52)

In this section, you’ll follow a summer road trip from Florida to California with my partner and my solo eastbound return journey.

I wrote these long and rambling posts while on the road, in coffee shops and wind-blown tents. The stream-of-consciousness explosion of descriptions and stories will provide great nostalgia in the years to come.

0522On the road, from FL to KY (or summer travels: Part One)
0529On the road, from KY to KS (or summer travels: Part Two)
0604On the road, from CO to UT (or summer travels: Part Three)
0612On the road, from UT to CA (or summer travels: Part Four)
0619On the road, in CA (or summer travels: Part Five)
0626On the road, in CA (or summer travels: Part Six)
0703On the road, from CA to CO (or summer travels: Part Seven)
0710On the road, in CO (or summer travels: Part Eight)
0717On the road, from CO to MO (or summer travels: Part Nine)
0724On the road, from MO to FL (or summer travels: Part Ten)

Physical Practices (5/52)

In this section, you’ll learn about my varied approach to movement practices and the transition from CrossFit to Jiu-Jitsu with an undercurrent of slacklining.

Throughout the year, I’ve made a consistent effort to avoid over-reflection on my physical practices. It is easy for me to talk about my strength and conditioning approach to a grappling sport. But, is it interesting? Would my future self be glad to read that post? So, I write about movement when current-Eugene think it’s particularly inspired and probably half of them will pass the future-Eugene litmus test.

0313On slacking (or a meditation on falling)
On the rhythms of life and riding the wobble (or the end of my CrossFit Gaspar journey and the start of Jiu Jitsu)
0814On getting my groove back (or returning to my practices)
1106On Starcraft and Jiu-Jitsu
1211On practicing while hurt

Love (3/52)

In this section, you’ll find a personal investigation into my Korean father’s past as well as the progression of my partnership through two separate reflections.

Looking at how few posts I’ve written on the love of my family and partner, I’m conflicted. They are each important and I remember them fondly. At the same time, I wish I had more. Perhaps this would have diluted the impact. Maybe it’s a sign of good and quiet news: no tragedies which required reflection.

0110 On a cut foot (or an interview with my dad)
On an abortion debate (or the benefits of controlled stress on a relationship)
0821On a fledgling romance (or an open love letter to my partner)

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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