Talha Rashid On Death

Talha Rashid! Talha is a 27yo second year medical student, a Muslim, and a pessimist. As a quiet and reserved classmate, I’ve been itching to sit him down for an interview and to learn about his past. In this conversation, we cover the passing of his grandmother, Oblivion, and how Pakistani corruption formed the basis of his moral code.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Talha is…
a person.

Before Talha dies, he wants…
to be happy.

When Talha dies, he wants…
to not be in pain.

After Talha dies, he wants…

In conclusion, Talha says…

“The key thing is to have your goals and to keep working towards them. There’s always going to be setbacks in life and sometimes they’re really difficult, but if you keep working through them, keep your eye on the goal, then eventually you’ll get there.”

On Death Podcast

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