On the end of a long month

November 2016 is finally in the rear-view mirror. It’s been a long and challenging month, but with the solstice ahead and winter break only two weeks away, I can revel in the fact that the grind will pause. So here’s a stream-of-consciousness reflection.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to write about. That doesn’t mean that life has been uneventful, just that there’s no spark of insight. My partner has been working through the death of her grandfather. Coursework is tough. I’ve been promoted in jiu-jitsu. Later this afternoon, I’m interviewing a classmate for On Death, the first new episode in a few weeks.

Finals week next week. Got some classes and a weekend to grind away and ensure a solid pass for C6T3. My current average is sitting around 61%, with pass/fall at 67% I got some work ahead of me. Though, I’ve been here before and I’m still around so I just need to stay focused. I’ve started attending class again, a practice I stopped in first year. It’s nice to look around and remember I’m actually in medical school with classmates and peers.

I received my second white belt stripe last week and an invitation to the advanced classes. This means that I know enough to be decent bait for higher belts and that I probably won’t hurt myself by doing something stupid. After my first advanced class on Thursday, I’ve had a gently bruised larynx all week because of a forearm mercilessly applied to my throat.

Attending BJJ classes twice a week for the past few months have become a welcome release valve for my stress. My priorities become clear when someone is trying to choke me: change positions, breathe, stall, tap, reset.

The interview went well. Will get posted on Thursday, he was quite nervous at first, eventually relaxed him enough to get some paragraph answers. A lovely chance to chat with a quiet and introverted classmate. I’m reminded of the quote, “Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Now, back to studying on this sunny and warm December day.

Long Form Sundays

On Death Podcast

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