Samson Lu On Death

Samson Lu! Samson is an incredibly talented and passionate musician, as well as a MD/MPH student and my doppelganger, when I had long hair. In this conversation, we discuss race, music, the art of teaching, and how to leave a legacy.

I hope you enjoy!

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Samson is…
a 26-year-old male
a Chinese-American
interested in music and medicine,
and a semi-athlete.

Before Samson dies, he wants…
to do good in the world,
to leave something that will last beyond his time,
to have a family,
to be able to raise children in a safe environment,
and a house on the beach.

When Samson dies, he wants…
to fall asleep,
to have family nearby,
to say some words of wisdom,
and people to celebrate his life, rather than mourning.

After Samson dies, he wants…
to have set an example for others and his family,
and to leave a legacy that continues.

In conclusion, Samson says…

“Be yourself as much as you can. Do things that excite you and it will be hard along the way, if you have this passion that maybe is not financially rewarding. But, if that’s what you love to do, go for it, go do it, it’s a part of you, and it’s not going to leave you. If you give it your all, money will find a way.”

On Death Podcast

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