On placeholder entries

I’m writing this post on my phone, as the sun rises to heat and light my tent. Left Tampa Thursday night to arrive in Live Oak in the hours before dawn. The days have been lazy and the nights filled with dance. Definitely feeling less limber, more creaky, perhaps this is the aging process I’ve heard so much about.

The exam on Monday didn’t go terribly well. Difficult to justify this weekend excursion. Despite the guilt, this has been a much-needed break from the city and the apartment. A tent with many things, my partner, and a comfy blanket at night.

Festival ends tonight, with my favorite band Big Gigantic playing the close-out set at midnight. It’d be nice to leave early, to get to Tampa at a reasonable evening hour, to grab a decent sleep and wake up for doctoring Monday afternoon. Will see. Perhaps this is an expression of that guilt, or maybe this is my way of atoning for it.

Still got to learn lots about the heart. Next exam in a few weeks. For now, my partner is making coffee on a camp stove and I’d like to join my friends while it brews.

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