On fall break

A bulleted recap of my week between Course Five and Six:

  • Binge-watched Luke Cage

An outstanding show depicting a bulletproof black man in a hoodie, who served time in prison, and has a strong moral code. I love Marvel’s work on Netflix and this thirteen episode first season did not disappoint. Released on the Friday that started Fall Break, this felt like a reward for surviving Course Five.

  • Hosted first-years for a dinner

My partner and I held a small dinner for our first-year friends, because our Fall Break fell on their finals week. I had forgotten how stressful and exhausting the first year schedule felt: Anatomy Practical on Monday, Exam Three on Wednesday, and NBME Final on Friday. So, we decided to help them out a bit, destress with some quality korean food and curry, and some non-academic conversation. They seemed to enjoy themselves, especially since we planned it on Monday, after their practical but before the real slog of finals began.

  • Sunbathed, twice!

I know that school requires lots of time studying, but I find it terribly unfortunate to become pale while attending school in sunny Florida. A small amount of tan does wonders for me. I feel my mood lift for a few days afterwards and spending that leisure time outdoors soothes me greatly.

  • Slept

I didn’t realize how sleep-deprived I had been by the end of finals week. For the first few days of Fall Break, I slept in until about noon! Sleep debt is real and interest was accumulating fast.

  • Didn’t study

This upcoming block, Course Six, consists of cardiovascular and renal pathologies. I had many opportunities to preview the upcoming material; I even opened up a review book! But I could not muster the will to meaningfully learn the information. Hopefully my new slew of study strategies will serve me well for this block to make up for the lack of preparation.

  • Danced

A few nights ago, I went out with friends to Ybor City for an evening of loud dance music. I haven’t had a good wiggle since the summer’s festivals and I could feel the tension in my body build up from all the studying and stress. Mobility work and stretching can address some of this tightness, but nothing shakes the dust loose quite like an evening of dancing. Haven’t had a night like this in probably a year! I stayed up until 5a, enjoyed some pizza, an Uber ride filled with one too many bodies, and some late-night Bob’s Burgers.

  • Added some shelves to the apartment and built a new squat rack

Some small projects we’ve been backburning for a few months. The shelving to increase our storage space in the small apartment. The squat rack to accommodate our taller friends and improve on my original rack. The quiet satisfaction from a physical project with tangible results is something that I’ve missed dearly. I’m grateful that my partner enjoys working with her hands as much as I do.

  • Rested up for the coming storm

While I have thoroughly enjoyed my week off from responsibility, and sincerely wish it lasted another week, I feel ready for another ten weeks of cramming and studying. I’m surprised at how quickly the week has passed me by. I think it speaks to how drained I have been the last month or two.

This small rest is deeply appreciated and profoundly needed. The loud and lazy part of me wishes that I didn’t have to return to school, that I could remain a Florida bum for the rest of the year. The wiser and more enduring part of me knows that this is what I signed up for, and I’ve successfully completed five out of seven blocks of medical school  I’m mostly done.

Stay focused for the last few steps. It will be over soon enough.

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