Ashleigh Stembridge On Death

Ashleigh Stembridge! Ashleigh is a 27-year-old artist, soon-to-be certified yoga instructor, and hopeful middle-school art teacher. I met Ashleigh through Tavia, a previous On Death interviewee, and I’m so glad I could sit down and hear her thoughtful and experienced responses to the four prompts. In this conversation, we talk about the value of getting punched in the face, the importance of strong teachers for young people, and how to overcome fear of the unknown.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Ashleigh is…
and creative.

Before Ashleigh dies, she wants…
to put a stamp on her friends and family,
to be remembered,
to do something on a small scale,
to help out,
and the world and humanity to be more accepting.

When Ashleigh dies, she wants…
to have family around,
a viking funeral,
people to not be upset,
it to be a celebration,
and old.

After Ashleigh dies, she wants…
to leave small little legacies,
people to be comfortable,
and the world to be a better place.

In conclusion, Ashleigh says…

“Don’t be afraid of yourself. Be open and accept and push forward into the uncomfortable situations that you’re gonna learn from.

It’s okay. Everything is fine. You’re gonna grow from this, from all of these things you wanna do.

And don’t stifle yourself, and don’t let anyone stifle you and what you wanna do.”

On Death Podcast

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