On the Education of a Physician (2016 – Year One)


“I want to provide budding pre-meds with an unfiltered perspective of what challenges they will face, if they gain acceptance into a medical degree program.
I want to provide fellow medical students with an honest and vulnerable account of my challenges and struggles, so that we can know we are not alone in this results-driven community.
I want practicing physicians to better understand the new generation of doctors that will be training under them and working alongside them.
And, I especially want the lay-person to know that we are not simply white coats with stethoscopes, but deeply flawed and hopeful humans that aim to heal others.”

On the Education of a Physician – Amazon Link

Eugene wrote this book to provide a small glimpse into the harrowing process of physician education. As he matriculated into the Morsani College of Medicine, he felt an important gap in the medical literature: physicians would write about their careers and experiences after their retirement. Folks would discuss their medical education decades after the fact, with hindsight and rosy-tinted glasses. He wants to show the week-by-week perspective, on the ground and in the dirt.

Eugene Kim, doctor-in-training at the University of South Florida, wrote weekly reflections during his first year of medical school and collected them in On the Education of a Physician (2016 – Year One). Starting with his first anatomy lab, he published and will continue to publish a Long Form Sundays post on his website, Mobility and Mindfulness Work of the Day (MnMwod.com).

To support MnMwod and Eugene’s crippling medical education debt, please consider a copy of On the Education of a Physician, available on Amazon and in Kindle format.

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