Karen Holland On Death

Karen Holland! Karen is a mother of two, a teacher, and a yogi. I met her during a yoga for teens training, which she led with grace and intelligence. She currently teaches elementary and middle school aged children, and her thoughtful responses to the four prompts will leave you thinking for quite some time! We chat about her Catholic upbringing, how to raise sensitive and old-soul daughters, and what spirituality means to her.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Karen is…
and independent

Before Karen dies, she wants…
to see her children be happy, independent, and strong.

When Karen dies, she wants…
to be free of pain and suffering,
and to be celebrated, not mourned.

After Karen dies, she wants…
people to remember her with a smile,
to poke fun at her expense,
and the examples she’s lived by to be remembered and used as lessons for her kids.

In conclusion, Karen says…

“Lighten up on yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Love yourself like you would love others. Treat yourself like you would treat others.”

On Death Podcast

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7 thoughts on “Karen Holland On Death

  1. What a beautiful interview from my beautiful and caring daughter, Karen. Love her sooo much. Thank you so much Eugene.

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