Kenny Henderson On Death

Kenny Henderson! Kenny is a 42yo artist living in Tampa; his canvases include the human body, murals, and clothing. He specializes in sacred geometry, but identifies first as a father. In this conversation, we discuss how to raise your child as a questioner of authority, what is the muse, and practicing death.
I hope you enjoy!

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Kenny is…
a dad,
an “artist”,
an a process. 
Before Kenny dies, he wants…
to create a legacy for his daughter, 
to maintain some type of memory after death, 
to leave the world a better place, 
and to not live with regrets.
When Kenny dies, he wants…
it to be not painful.
After Kenny dies, he wants…
to leave things better than he found them.
In conclusion, Kenny says…
“There’s two parts to life: the life you can imagine and the life you live. So, live the life that you imagine.”

On Death Podcast

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