Grant Italiano On Death

Grant Italiano! Grant is a twenty something, spiritual but not religious, who provides thoughtful responses to the four prompts in this short interview from the dirty dozen! We talk about family, reincarnation, and love.
I hope you enjoy!

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Grant Italiano is…
a human being,
a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body,
a spirit learn its way,
an artist,
a family guy,

and a procrastinator.

Before Grant dies, he wants…
a nice family,
a little house in the woods, 

and his dad and mom to find out what they want to do.

When Grant dies, he wants…
to be an old man in a bed sleeping,
a bunch of colors and geometrics flying by at infinite light speed,

and to see all the people he really does love.

After Grant dies, he wants…
to see what’s in front of him,

and to talk about reincarnation.

In conclusion, Grant says…

“Just be yourself. Just go with the inside, the instinct. In any situation, ask that instinct inside of you: Is this right? Is this wrong? Is it yes? Is it no? Just really sit there just for a second and interpret the situation or interpret the question and go with the instinct. And I believe that if you go with the instinct, nothing can go wrong… Well, something could, but go with the instinct, that’s what I try to do all the time.”

On Death Podcast

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