Carly Waldman On Death

Carly Waldman! Carly is a first year medical student at USF, the daughter of a physician, and was raised in the Jewish faith. Currently, she aspires to be a surgeon, and her responses to the four prompts highlight her independence, depth of thought, and determination to heal others in order to help them.

I hope you enjoy!

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Carly is…
a medical student,
a lot of things,
and a daughter and sister.

Before Carly dies, she wants…
to be happy,
to be in love and feel loved,
and to feel that she’s found meaning.

When Carly dies, she wants…
to be around people that she loves,
and to not be in pain.

After Carly dies, she wants…
to see what’s happening,
happiness and love in the people she loves,
and to be content.

In conclusion, Carly says…

“Be comfortable with being uncomfortable… There’s a phrase in Hebrew, Gam Zeh Yaavor, this too shall pass, and a lot uncomfortable scenarios will pass.”

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