Jerel Mair On Death

This week, we sit down with Jerel Mair and listen to his responses On Death! He’s a lovely fellow, I met him through CrossFit Gaspar, and he subsequently invited me with open arms to his church, Aletheia in New Tampa. Jerel is a warm and old soul, and I think it shows in our conversation. We talk about his Christian faith, his upbringing, and how he wants to be remembered!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Jerel is…
a follower of Christ,
a student,
a black male.
Before Jerel dies, he wants…
his family to be taken care of.
When Jerel dies, he wants…
to leave a legacy behind.
After Jerel dies, he wants…

to be with Jesus.

In conclusion, Jerel says…

“Continue to have faith in God, because his plan is ultimately going to be better than your own plan… I’ve tried to do it myself, and it never works out. I’ve tried to really key in on my own self and really make things happen, but it never works out. And I know for sure that His plans are ultimately better than mine. So, continue to keep the faith.”

On Death Podcast

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