Michael Watson On Death

This week On Death, we sit down with Michael Watson, a good friend of mine and a second year medical student at USF! We talk about coaching, fear, hunting, and skin in the game. This is a lovely conversation and I am glad to share it with you 🙂

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Michael is…
a person,
a student,
a teacher,
and unsure.

Before he dies, Michael wants…
to be completely self-sustaining,
to merge with the circle of life,
and to pass everything on.

When he dies, Michael wants…
to be in control of the dying process,
and to relax into death.

After he dies, Michael wants…
to know,
and to be enlightened on the great mystery.

In conclusion, Michael says…

“Dive into your answers. I’m not going to say think about your answers, because I’m sure you’ve already been thinking about them. But, analyze them and think about your death often.”

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