Mackenzi Frost On Death


Sat down with Mackenzi Frost, at her home in Tampa, FL, for the inaugural On Death podcast! I walk through the four prompts with her and cover a lot of ground on the way there.

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Mackenzi Frost is…
a person,
pursuing her goal of becoming a doctor,
reveling in life,

and Mackenzi.

Before Mackenzi dies, she wants…
to fulfill her purpose of helping others,
to live,
six-pack abs,
and contentedness.

When Mackenzi dies, she wants…
to be cremated,
people to feel what they want to feel,
and it to be relatively peaceful.

After Mackenzi dies, she wants…
the people she’s left behind to be happy,
and to leave behind a slightly better place.

In conclusion, Mackenzi says…

“Life is such a great teacher and it’s so really wonderful that there are people inspired enough to understand it and to understand other’s perspectives of it.”

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